Charlie LeDuff golfs the length of Detroit

Jul 03, 2012
By Dennis Kraniak

I Heart the D Golf Invitational

Fox 2 News Headlines

FOX 2’s Charlie LeDuff takes on an epic challenge of golfing his way from 8 Mile Road to Belle Isle… literally. It’s a par 3,168, 18-mile, single hole course. The 46-year-old Pulitzer Prize winning writer carries only four clubs in his bag while facing extraordinary hazards that took years to form. He strokes his way through grassy fields, abandoned houses and crumbling landmarks. The half-way houses on this course are real. On the loop, Charlie interacts with the gallery, capturing the spirit of the people of Detroit. No Mulligans here, you play it as it lies.

Why golf the length of the city?  Play the video to find out, but here are a few clues to offer you a better handicap. Think: Why are we still here? Who still cares? How can we be better? What do people need?  Has anybody asked them?  And – what other city in America allows the room  to take a full swing with a golf club?

If you’re curious about the track, expand the photo to see the “I Heart the D Golf Invitational” course map.

Read more and watch the video at MyFoxDetroit…

This is one humorous piece bringing to light how bad many of urban cities have gotten.
Jim Caldwell
Redondo Beach


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