Tokyo & Kyoto Photolog by Jim Caldwell

Kyoto is home to sixteen World Heritage sites.  One of Kyoto’s most popular UNESCO sites, the Temple of the Silver Pavilion, is a shrine known by many names.  Translated Ginkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion Temple’s more formal name is Jisho-ji, a Buddhist temple practicing Rinzai Zen.

Ginkaku-ji, or the Silver Pavilion, typifies what many Westerners think of for the classical combination of Japanese architecture and landscape with Zen Buddhism form and structure.  The beauty of the grounds to its environs has made the Temple one of the photographers’ favorites.

Seeds for the Silver Pavilion were sown in family heritage two generations prior with Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.  In what is considered the classical age for Japanese garden design, Yoshimitsu built the Temple of Golden Pavilion during the Muromachi period.  Great emphasis was taken creating a harmony and scale between the buildings and their distinct setting.

Two generations later…

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