Restaurants in Redondo Beach by Jim Caldwell

I don’t list these in a preferential order but more as a list of places I like to go to in the Village in Redondo.

Zazou…Food is very good, definitely try Brie appetizer and the bread pudding is excellent.  Pretty much any entree will make you happy.

One of Jim Caldwell’s favorite places for eclectic, great food

Chez Melange and Bouzy’s Pub
…Besides being two of my favorite places, this is definitely one of the South Bay’s top places.  You can safely assume that anything that is on the menu is good.  Bouzy’s resembles your typical European gastro pub and may be one of the best values in the area.  Great and friendly service.

Another of Jim Caldwell’s Favorites

Gina Lees…The owners are great.  The staff friendly and attentive.  The food is tasty and wholesome.

Riviera Mexican Grill…Eclectic decor with a surfer Aloha spirit.  The food is great whether entrees or appetizers.  Occasionally they even have music.

Friends on the Vine
…The owners are friendly and knowledgeable about wine, always there to offer a great suggestion.

Village Pizza…Friendly owners and definitely the best pizza in the Village.

Casa Playa…Good food at great value.   The employees are always nice.

The Green Temple…This is the best vegetarian in the area.  Great entrees even for those who just like to stick to meat.

If you are looking to pick some stuff up, don’t forget there is always TJs…Trader Joe’s if you are not familiar.