Redondo Beach and the Village according to Jim Caldwell

Redondo Beach is in the South Bay of Los Angeles coast line.  I live in area called Hollywood Riveria, or as the locals call it, The Village.

If you want to find out life as it is describe in Wikipedia, here the link,_California.

So what is life like in Redondo Beach?  Sort of depends which part of the city you live in.  Well, since I live by the beach, I am able to easily live a life that revolves around all that Redondo Beach has to offer.

For me, getting around most of the time is as simple as hopping on a bike.  The Village is a few minutes.  Redondo Beach Pier, maybe five minutes.  The Strand, a couple of minutes.  The heart of the city is maybe ten minutes by bike.  Shopping and restaurants, minutes away.  Beach volleyball, minutes.  Surfing at the Avenues, minutes.  For Jim Caldwell, living in Redondo and the Village is hard to beat.

Redondo weather is temperate.   In the Winter time, temperatures generally range from 50s to 60s, sometimes in the 70s.  Summertime.  Perfect.  The weather generally ranges from mid70s to 80s.  Rain usually happens from late November through March.

Better yet, here’s some things to do or see in Redondo.

If you are thinking you need to find a place to eat, here are few recommendations.